It’s not a joke anymore. I just learned that such thing as the Microsoft Open Source Software Lab exists ! His name Port25. Here is a short introduction:

Microsoft?s Open Source Software Lab is an ambitious research project. Located on the company?s main campus, the lab houses more than 300 servers, which collectively run more than 15 versions of UNIX and 50 Linux distributions. It boasts a team of senior-level programmers and system administrators, some of whom were architects of popular Linux distributions or authors of well-regarded books. In short, the lab is one of a few such facilities in the world dedicated to open source research.

In fact it looks like this Microsoft OS lab is not that new, what is new is the launch of this new Web site called Port 25.


Ce n’est plus une blague. Je viens d’apprendre que le Microsoft Open Source Software Lab existe ! Son nom: Port25.
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