Lost of maven repositories are available out there in the cloud. When you’re looking for artifacts http://www.mvnrepository.com/ is a great place to start.
You may even find Adobe blazeDS jars referenced there. But they were not deployed there by Adobe, and they are not what I expected them to be.
Their version number is wrong, and to me the naming and groupId as well.

It’s too bad Adobe (just like many other proprietary software editors) does not systematically provide maven repository.
. Lots of people are asking Adobe for maven support :

maven repository construction calls from an ANT file

This maven-repository-construction-calls.xml ANT file of mine is the base of my maven Adobe repository creation. +
What it does is calling ``mvn install:install-file'' and ``mvn deploy:deploy-file'' through the exec ant Task. +
I also develop a target called ``maven-all-artifacts-in-dir'', which iterates on all the jars in a $\{jar.directory} +
to call maven install or maven deploy on the jars that corresponds to a provided regular expression. +
This was possible thanks to the use of the very handy http://ant-contrib.sourceforge.net/[net.sf.antcontrib ANT tasks] and . +
Here is an extract: +
 for param="jar.file">

   "${jar.directory}" includes="${artifactRegexp}" />

  property="artifactName" input="@{jar.file}"
  regexp=".*\\([^\\]*)\.jar" select="\1" casesensitive="false" />

    "exec.dir" value="${jar.directory}" />
    "artifactId" value="${artifactName}" />

    "jarFileName" value="${artifactName}.jar" />

Create LiveCycle SDK maven repository

This ant build file is here to help you construct your livecycle client maven repository. +
It will deploy all the jars contained in the $\{livecycle.sdk.home}/client-libs/common in your maven repositories : +
I chose to apply +
  • 8.0.3187.1.156868.1 for my artifacts’ version (i.e. the version number I found in the jar manifest files)

  • com.adobe.livecyle as the artifacts groupId

  • the name of the jar file as an artifactId for all the files contained in the $\{livecycle.sdk.home}/client-libs/common folder

    • adobe-utilities.jar is a special case : there is one for each JEE application server supported by livecycle

    • I chose to use a specific artifactId for each of those :

      • jboss-adobe-utilities

      • weblogic-adobe-utilities

      • websphere-adobe-utilities

        Here is an extract of my build file showing how I handle the special case of adobe-utilities jars: +
  "groupId" value="${livecycle.groupId}" />
  "version" value="${livecycle.version}" />

  "jarFileName" value="adobe-utilities.jar" />
  "maven.repo.url" value="${maven.adobe.repo.url}" />

  "description" value="${livecycle.artifacts.description}" />
  for list="jboss,weblogic,websphere" param="livecycle.server">

    "maven-repository-construction-calls.xml" target="${maven-target}">
     "exec.dir" value="${livecycle.sdk.home}/client-libs/@{livecycle.server}" />

     "artifactId" value="@{livecycle.server}-adobe-utilities" />
May be one day, the adobe engineering team will come with other groupId and artifact naming convention. +
I don’t know about that, those choices above are just personal/common sense, not Adobe’s official. +

Create blazeDS maven repository

This ant build file is here to help you construct your blazeds maven repository. +
It will deploy all the adobe jars contained in blazeds- directory into your maven local and remote repository. +
I chose here +
  • for versioning my artifacts

  • com.adobe.blazeds as the artifacts groupId

  • the name of the jar file as an artifactId for all the following adobe specific jarfiles contained in blazeds- directory:

    • all the flex-something.jar files

    • the cold fusion bridge : cfgatewayadapter.jar


  "maven.repo.url" value="${maven.adobe.repo.url}" />
  "description" value="${blazeds.artifacts.description}" />

  "maven-repository-construction-calls.xml" target="maven-all-artifacts-in-dir">
   "maven.target" value="maven-deploy" />
   "jar.directory" value="${blazeds.jar.dir}" />

   "artifactRegexp" value="flex*.jar" />

  "maven-repository-construction-calls.xml" target="maven-deploy">

   "jarFileName" value="cfgatewayadapter.jar" />
   "exec.dir" value="${blazeds.jar.dir}" />

   "artifactId" value="cfgatewayadapter" />
This is a different naming and versioning convention than the one chosen by the person that uploaded blazeds into ibiblio see +
http://www.mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.adobe.blazeds, but I think it’s much better my way, because it’s closer to Adobe engineering’s naming and versioning +

My Adobe maven repository

My Adobe maven repository is now quickly building up, and it looks like that: +
image:http://www.jroller.com/francoisledroff/resource/adobe-repo.jpg[adobe-repo.jpg] +


  • this ant script is there, (LGPL V3 licensed)

  • This was tested on my windows xp machine only using java-5, ant-1.7, ant-contrib-1.0b3 and maven-2.0.9

    • You’ll have to adapt the regular expression I used if you’re running this on a Linux/Unix machine.