A quick announcement to let you know that Fna’s Maven archetype repository set is getting bigger.

Here is our current list of archetypes:

  • blazeds-autowired-spring-hibernate-archetype

  • flex-cairngorm-stubbed-crud-archetype

  • flex-cairngorm-flexunit-archetype

And there are more to come

  • a AIR localized maven archetype

  • a Flex LCDS maven archetype

Note that most of the new flex project archetypes make use of Cairngorm and FlexUnit.


Blazeds-autowired-spring-hibernate-archetype helps you generate a multi-module maven project : a flex front-end application communicating with the backend through Adobe’s BlazeDS and a spring autowired service. The back-end relies on a spring hibernate architecture.

PS: Xavier, who helped me out on Fna is also presenting at MAX : "How to build collaborative applications with LCDS".