I’ve been the happy owner of a htc nexus one for a couple of years now, but I recently broke its screen.
I had a spare htc, a desire Z, but I was reluctant to switch phone,

What if I could have "native theming support, Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) support, a large Access Point Name list, an OpenVPN client, an enhanced reboot menu, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB tethering, CPU overclocking and performance enhancements, soft buttons and other ``tablet tweaks'', toggles in the notification pull-down (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS), app permissions management, as well as other interface enhancements and no pre-installed spyware or bloatware and finally increase performance and reliability compared with official proprietary firmware releases"

Then, may be, I would ``desire'' this htc phone a bit more.

So I decided to give CyanogenMod a try.

Here are the steps I went through

I liked was I saw, and the google account restore mechanism was pretty impressive and transparent, all my nexus one contacts and photos were restored on desire Z (same with a few other applications that were designed with cloud-based transparent restore mechanism)

So I decided to give a try on my Nexus one too. Again the cyanogenmod wiki made it easy, I just followed http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Nexus_One:_Full_Update_Guideimage (I choosed the Amon_Ra’s Recovery this time), the only difference was te adb reboot command did not seem to work, I had to click a bit more on the phone to get through the proper menu (here is nice How to video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez_qQshrZjoimage)

Unfortunately, just a few days ago, the CyanogenMod team decided to stop supporting those devices of mine. Their Google+ annoucementimage was a disappointment to the community but not a surprise.

There are still a few non official version worth giving a try, I personally found one for my htc desire Z here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1492461image upgrading my phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, android 4.0.4.

So here are my 2 phones now, I still don’t know if I want switch my SIM card from the nexus one to the desire Z image


I’m still wondering what to think of those unofficial firmware found in the deep internet sea, They certainly could contain malware/spyware/trojan, there is not much way for a non specialist like me to find out.
Would a antivirus like avast find it ?

Now I have rooted my phones, the good news is I can get the full fledge anti-theft feature such as the one offered by avast antivirus app http://www.avast.com/en-us/free-mobile-securityimage.

what about you ?

  • Did you root your android phone ?

  • What apps did you install now you have root ? (Droidsheep, Titanium Backup, Arpspoof, AdFree … ?)

  • Did yo give cyanogenmod a try ?

  • Do you update your firmware using unofficial zips found on random pages/forums ?

  • Do you use an anti-virus ?

  • Did you secure your phone with a anti theft app?

    • Did it proove to work ?