Last Friday, I attended the conference in Paris.
Very nice venue cf.


Nice set of speakers/experts too, very technical folks, among then Brian Lerouximage from Adobe phonegap (Brian gave us a nice comedy/educational talk on the oddities of JavaScript, cf. wtfjsimage.
The other good stand-up comedian was Jacob Thornton @fat (co-author of Twitter Bootstrap) his creatively illustrated talk was about the tragedy of open source'', I liked and related to his cute puppy syndrome'' theory.

However, overall, the conf could have been more technical, most of the speakers gave entertaining, high level talks.
May be due to the format, 20 mn? May be due to the hosts? did they want the event to be more inspirational than hands-on technical ? May be due the ``cute puppy syndrome'' of the speakers ?

Here are a set of pointers/note-to-self/things-I-need-to-try-out

a few pointers to blog entries/reports