Devoxx france 2014 was an excellent vintage. The conference was packed with 1500 passionate developers. I had the privilege to speak, hence, unlike last year, I did not see much of the show. The first 2 days I mainly spent my time rehearsing and networking.

Here are the slides of the 40mn presentation Romain and I did: Master Chef & Puppet Show The video will be soon available on parleys


The talk was fun to prepare and run, the feedback we received was awesome. I t was worth the effort. Romain and I agreed we should do this more often.

I spent the 3rd and last day of the conference with a cool devops gang, those guys named themself Devops Mercenaries

Here are some of my notes (stuff I need to look at when my time and priority will allow it):

  • look at ThoughtWorks’ Continuous Delivery platform, Go as it’s been Open Sourced

  • Give a try to capistrano as a remote server automation and deployment tool (triggered by Jenkins)

  • try to understand zookeeper use case

  • Generate code coverage report with ChefSpec

  • have a closer look at serverspec, and eventually use it to audit (through serverspec logs) the automated servers

  • segregate 3 types of jenkins servers: one for build (soft factory), one for QA (quality factory with Selenium, Gatling …), one for delivery/deployment

  • use jenkins to launch chef automated vm and run automated integration test on these

  • Do better measuring and monitoring (key to devops adoption and sponsors buy in), have a look at Zabbix, JMX, Collectd, Graphite, javamelody, kibana

  • Measure slack time: time allocated for devops

  • Do Blue green deployment

  • nosql is helping continuous deployment, sql db automation such as liquibase and flyway do it too.

  • shut down the db, without shutting down the service, that’s key too: cf Netfliz zuul solution